AWS Certified Data Analytics — Specialty

#SatyenKumar tips to get AWS Certified on Data Analytics

Recently I updated about passing the AWS Data Analytics Specialty. With this quick note, I am sharing useful information for those who are looking the Data Analytics Certification.

This is official Learning path of the certification.

How can you quickly certify on AWS Data Analytics — Specialty?

As being specialty, the exam is not easy one. However, I have gathered the suggestions to help in achieving it successfully.

You can follow following material. It is free.

  1. What is exam about? Exam Guide (PDF)
  2. Fundamentals of Data Analytics on AWS (3.5 hours) >> Access Here
  3. Exam Readiness Guide (3.5 Hours) : Access
  4. My YouTube playlist : BEST & sufficient to clear (20 video) >> Here
  5. AWS Whitepapers

Amazon EMR Migration Guide: How to Move Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop From On-Premises to AWS | Big Data Options on AWS | Lambda Architecture for Batch and Stream Processing | Streaming Data Solutions on AWS with Amazon Kinesis | Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR | Reference Architecture: SQL Based Data Processing in Amazon ECS

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