Cloud Career — Available Positions in my team(Wipro)

Updated on 28/04/2021 (Wednesday): A total of 154positions on Multi Cloud Architects & DevOps

Important: Please don’t send direct messages — strictly use the below “How to Apply” procedure , so that my team can reach to you.

Status Updates on 7th October 2020 Available Positions: Available 200+ (as detailed below

As of , 9th September 2020, I have following 322 positions open for Cloud roles. These are to be based mainly in India (265 jobs), Europe (22) and UKI (35)

How to Apply?

  1. Request to join the Linkedin private group “Wipro Cloud”
  2. Wait until you are allowed in group.
  3. When you are group member, Click here to view Email address and application process. Submit your application on email address mentioned. (This link will not open until you are accepted as group member. Request not to pm)

Thanks and Be Safe

Satyen Kumar, Brussels — Check my portfolio here. Feel free to comment

Recognized C.L.O.U.D thought Leader, Inspiring the world through Passion on Technology like Cloud. #CloudCertifiedFamily

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