My Cloud Certification Diary: Greed the #1 of the 7 deadly sins ?

I confess. It took 25 years (almost!) on content of this page. The article is for the future leaders of the IT industry, and for those who need motivation to deep dive into C.L.O.U.D. Being strongly opinionated on having knowledge supplemented by industry certifications, I don’t have quick-fixes. However, you can follow advices in the series , the career journey more pleasing.

Here we go, Greed to get knowledge & certifications. Welcome to the Diary in this episode!

#SatyenKumar is probably the most certified Cloud professional in Brussels,Europe #AWS #Azure #OCI #CloudCertifiedFamily #IBM
Certifications Journal #CloudCertifiedFamily

In the summer of 2020, I shared my story. It went viral with over 200K views. This is the cloud journey of my family, as #CloudCertifiedFamily.

Corona impacted the way of working for me, while my schools were closed. So, we made a family plan bit to do a collective effort on Cloud. During the summer holidays, We added 13 Oracle Cloud certifications successfully. subsequently, this attracted queries from followers how should they prepare themselves or their kids in always-changing future technologies like cloud.

Aryenn Gupta (13 years) is the Youngest Cloud Certified Engineer, associate with 2 Oracle Certifications including Oracle Cloud Operations administration.

Rachit Gupta, (15 Years) is the Youngest Cloud Certified Architect and a Cloud Certified Administrator with 3 Oracle Cloud (OCI) Certifications.

Both of them are students of secondary education at Collège du Sacré-Coeur de Ganshoren, Brussels. They have interest in future outlook of technologies like Cloud.

Vira, my wife, recently achieved 3 oracle cloud certifications.

Cloud has empowered me. I want to hear about You!

A. My Certifications Portfolio (Empire)

When did I begin to certification journey? And which different vendor certifications ?

Going back to 1995, Being a final year student of engineering graduation. Information Technology (IT) path was a possible but deniable career path for an electrical engineer. The main challenges to overcome were cut-throat competition to get a good job and a long-term career.

The added challenges were also lack of affordable education. Certification options which were costly without financial assistance.

My first job as Industrial instrumentation engineer trainee proved to be a good way to fund experimentation with technology. IT as a full-time career demanded extra efforts and soon realized a consistent career will be helped by record of training/ experience with certifications. So, with this in mind — my certification journey started. I like the idea of keeping the journal of what you learn — because our efforts are worth noting and sharing.

My 3 key takeaways on certifications:

1. It’s a galaxy that goes in parallel with the formal education. Few little changes made a Big difference for me.

2. It’s Easier to succeed with Cloud Certifications which some people hate to share.

3. Vendor specific certifications are like an specialist ready to practice.

Would you ever go to visit a physician who does not hold official certification? if your answer is no, then it is worth to spend the time, efforts and money in the journey.

Here is the consolidated list of certification empire. It included my failed attempts. Plus, also included the certifications achieved by my family.

List Updated as on 31/01/2021 :

127 Azure (PL-900: Power Platform) — Pass 29/01/21

126 Azure (MB-901:Dynamics 365) — Pass 23/01/21

124 Azure (DP-300: Administering Azure DB) — Pass

123 Azure (AI-100: Designing and Implementing AI Solutions) — Pass

122 Azure (Azure Artificial Intelligence AI-900) — Pass

121 AWS (AWS Certified Specialty — Advanced Networking) — Pass

120 AWS (AWS Certified Specialty — Data Analytics) — Pass

119 Azure (Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900) — Pass

118 AWS (AWS Certified Alexa Specialty) — FAILED

117 AWS (AWS Certified Database Specialty) -Pass

Certification details AZ301,AZ300,AZ101,1z0932,Microsoft Azure Architect,AZ-100, GCP Network,beta,AWS,DevOps, Alexa, AZ900
AZ301,AZ300,AZ101,1z0932,Microsoft Azure Architect,AZ-100, GCP Network,beta,AWS,DevOps, Alexa, AZ900, Microsoft Azure Inf

(1) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

My first encounter with cloud was around 2007 while working for a business problem with my employer Cummins. I learned about Queuing (SQS) for messages and storage S3. It was only many months later heard about EC2 (virtual machines). Then I continued to experiment with many services. It was only few years later, I did certifications

Currently, I hold 7 AWS Certifications. Both upto the professional levels (AWS Solutions Architect & DevOps). Additionally, Security Specialty and all the 3 available associate level. In my experience, I found Cloud Practitioner (Fundamental) easiest and the SA Professional one the most most difficult.

AWS Certifications. Professional, Associate, Solution Architect, DevOps, Security Specialty, Database, Amazon,Azure,Certified

I think if you are beginning the cloud career, my suggestion would be to start with AWS Cloud Practitioner , then move to SA Associate, SysOps Associate followed by specialty or professional as your field.


In 1990’s vendors offering the certifications were — Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and Novell. It evolved from industry finding difficulty in getting right high-tech skills. The most prestigious was Novell netware CNA (Certified Novell Administrator), CNE (Certified Novell Engineer) and MCSE. I achieved. At present, I have following Azure one’s:

AZ301,AZ300,AZ101,1z0932,Microsoft Azure Architect,AZ-100, GCP Network,beta,AWS,DevOps, Alexa, AZ900, Microsoft Azure Inf
AZ301,AZ300,AZ101,1z0932,Microsoft Azure Architect,AZ-100, GCP Network,beta,AWS,DevOps, Alexa, AZ900, Satyen,Kumar, Brussels

(3) Oracle Cloud Certifications

I. Aryenn’s Oracle Cloud Certifications

Aryenn is Youngest Cloud Certified Engineer ,Associate, Oracle, Exception to write the exam as minor,Brussels, Aryenn GUPTA
Aryenn,student of secondary 2nd at Sacre Coeur Ganshoren Brussels, is Youngest Cloud Certified Engineer Oracle Cloud,#ocicert

II. Rachit’s Oracle Cloud Certifications

Rachit Gupta (15) is Youngest Cloud Certified Architect and Administrator, 3 Oracle Cloud Certificates, granted Exception as
Rachit Gupta is youngest cloud certified architect and engineer, hold 3 OCI associate Certifications, Architect,Operations

III. Vira’s Cloud Certifications

Vira Gupta experience in running IT business in Europe. Her recent cloud certification as part of the #CloudCertifiedFamily

IV. My Oracle Cloud Certifications

Satyen Kumar, Brussels,Cloud thought leader and Expert, Multi Certified, Hybrid ,#Cloud #Adoption #transformation, #wipro

(4) Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Satyen Kumar, Brussels,Cloud thought leader and Expert, Multi Certified, Hybrid ,#Cloud #Adoption #transformation, #GCP, #ACE

(5) IBM Blockchain (Hyperledger on Cloud)

Satyen Kumar certificate on IBM Blockchain (Hyperledger on Cloud) #blockchain #hyperledger #IBM

(6) MongoDB

(7) Novell Netware, Microsoft Legacy and Oracle Non-Cloud Certifications

Satyen Kumar, Brussels,Cloud thought leader and Expert, Multi Certified, Hybrid ,#Cloud #Adoption #transformation, #wipro

More details in following screens:

Novell, #CNA, #CNE,#Oracle,#Windows ,#MCSE,Networking
Legacy, Certifications, Novell, #CNA, CNE,#Oracle,#Windows ,#MCSE,Networking, #Satyen #Cloudleader, Brussels

(B) Educational /Training Certifications

Here are the top 10 resources that defintely made me better at Certifications. I use them regularly when get chance. With some of these, my advice is to utilize free tier account of the CSP’s as much as possible. (actually, that’s how my children got into cloud. You just need to let them troubleshoot router to get into internet in their PS4’s or getting fuel to instagrams :)

  1. Youtube playlists (not exhausive list) >>Youtube Playlist
  2. Acloudguru >> Link
  3. Linuxacademy (now it is merged with Acloudguru)
  4. udemy : I have over 120 personal purchases >> Link
  5. Cloudacademy: >>Link

I recommend it highly for “building the skills on real cloud server environments”, not just for passive watching or reading.

6. AWS training (Official)

7. Microsoft Learn (Official)

8. Oracle Cloud (Official)

9. Linkedin Learning (comes with Premium account)

10. Whitepapers and recommended material (specific as listed in every official exam guides)

Cloudacademy, Linux Academy, ACLOUDGURU,#Learning #platform
6-Month Snapshot of Efforts on Cloudacademy
Cloudacademy, Linux Academy, ACLOUDGURU,#Learning #platform
Cloudacademy, Linux Academy, ACLOUDGURU,#Learning #platform
Novell, #CNA, #CNE,#Oracle,#Windows ,#MCSE,Networking

That’s it for today!

In next stories, We will address common career related doubts and queries:

Secret recepies which help decipher multi-cloud understanding.

What is the next big thing in career? Will Cloud really rule the world?

Where can I be 5 years from now if I follow the cloud career?

IT Certifications Where are these on Expectations vs reality?

What about Work /Life balance in these extra efforts

Whether to learn Single Cloud Or Multiple Cloud ? The Biggest Problem With vendor specific , And How You Can Fix It?

How to be the Steve Jobs of the self-motivation for learning

How to Get Hired in the Cloud Industry?

At last, If you are a job seekeer, remember, It’s Easier to Succeed With Certifications in career Than You Might Think!

Until Next, Have great learning! and Good luck

Don’t Forget to give us 👏

Recognized C.L.O.U.D thought Leader, Inspiring the world through Passion on Technology like Cloud. #CloudCertifiedFamily

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